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WAB2G is committed to helping individuals and communities by connecting them with the support they need to heal and prevent those actions and narratives that dehumanize and stigmatize. That’s why we believe we are better together.

Services we currently provide

• Food Assistance
• Transportation Assistance
• Home Assistance
• Recovery Referrals
• Therapy

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Programs & Events

Operation Lipstick: Empowering Youth to End Gun Violence (Ages 14-21)

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Develop leadership skills: Gain the confidence and tools to become a positive force in your community.
  • Learn about gun violence prevention: Understand the root causes and solutions to gun violence in your city.
  • Connect with mentors and peers: Build a supportive network of individuals dedicated to making a difference.
  • Make a real impact: Participate in impactful activities and initiatives that promote peace and safety in your neighborhoods.
Operation Lipstick is more than just a program; it’s a movement. We believe that young people hold the power to create a safer future. If you’re ready to be part of the solution, join us this summer!

CERP: Breaking the Cycle

Our program addresses the silent toll of community violence: the trauma and isolation faced by caregivers of young people who have caused harm.

These women, often mothers and partners, are frequently overlooked casualties of violence. While support exists for victims, these caregivers grapple with a complex web of emotions – shame, fear, and the overwhelming responsibility of helping their children navigate incarceration or re-entry.

CERP offers a safe space and much-needed support for these women. We understand the unique challenges they face, including:

  • Loss on both sides: Like our founder, Ruth Rollins, many caregivers experience loss from both sides of the violence.

  • Stigma and isolation: Facing societal judgment and feeling ostracized from the community.

  • Lack of preparedness: Navigating the legal system, reintegration, and their own emotional turmoil.

Our program empowers caregivers with:

  • Support groups and retreats: Connecting with others who understand their struggles.

  • Educational workshops: Building knowledge and skills to support their children and themselves.

  • Individual counseling: Addressing personal trauma and fostering self-worth.

By breaking the cycle of isolation and shame, we empower caregivers to heal and become active participants in their children’s rehabilitation and community restoration.

7th Annual Retreat

7th Annual retreat 

This year theme is 

Building Bridges, Mending Hearts 

Time July 25th 4pm – July 28th 3pm

Location Rolling Ridge Retreat Center

Cost $100 includes room and meals 

WAB2G continues to work with families that have been impacted by community harm or/and incarceration and we understand that healing is a journey and there are multiple layers of trauma and grief. We believe that in order to heal our families and community we have to heal ourselves “ to become flowers that can now pour into the buds” – (Stephanie Williams, 2021). 

At this retreat, we are intentionally furthering our mission to hold space in equal, interconnected parts for survivors of community harm and incarceration. While we are focusing on self, we invite you to also see this as an opportunity to foster sisterhood for support and accountability through your healing journeys. 

What to expect: A weekend full of liberating activities such as self-care exercises, grief, and healing workshops, kayaking, barbeque, pajamas party, and much more .

Please note that sign-ups are not guaranteed, and screenings are required for retreat attendance